SSC Buffer [20x, pH 7.4]

SSC (Saline Sodium Citrate) buffer is the most standard blotting and hybridization treatment solution. It is designed to be used in various hybridization experiments to achieve denaturation and cleaning purposes. The main components are sodium chloride and sodium citrate. The sodium citrate in the SSC buffer acts as a buffer, and the salt ion (Na) neutralizes the negative charge on the nucleic acid backbone to make it neutral, which makes the probe and target sequence easier to bind. It is also used in the preparation of SDS-PAGE electrophoresis separation gel. Used for nucleic acid hybridization, different concentrations have different effects.

3M NaCl
0.3M Sodium citrate
Tris-HCl adjusts the pH to 7.4
Catalog No.503004
Unit Size 100mL / 500mL
Product CategoryWestern-Blot
Storage/Stability Ambient/1 year
Shipping Ambient

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