Nylon-66 Transfer Membrane [0.45um] (width: 30cm)

Blotting or transfer membranes are popuLar matrix used in blotting because of their high binding affinity, compatibility with a variety of detection methods (chemiluminescence, chromogenic, and fluorescence), and the ability to immobilize proteins, glycoproteins, or nucleic acids. The protein or nucleic acid can then be further analyzed using probes such as antibodies, ligands like lectins, or stains. An alternative technique for transferring proteins from a gel is capillary blotting.

Varieties of membrane are chosen as per their binding properties (i.e. binds all proteins equally well). The range includes PVDF & NitrocelluLose membranes for protein analysis (Western Blots) and Nylon membranes for the nucleic acid analysis (southern and northern blots).

These membranes are available in 0.22µm & 0.45µm pore sizes and in the form of pre-cut sheets or as a buLk roll in 3 meter size.
Catalog No.503054
Unit Size 3mtr. Roll
Product CategoryWestern-Blot
Storage/Stability Ambient/2 Years
Shipping Ambient

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