PBS [1x] (sterile)

Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS) is a balanced salt solution, often used for the washing of tissue blocks, the rinsing of cells, and the preparation of other reagents. As a diluent for cell counting, etc.
This 1x concentrate PBS sterilized by 0.1um filter; pH7.2-7.4 and it contains:
KCl (201mg/mL; 2.7mM)
KH2PO4 (272mg/mL; 2.0mM)
NaCl (8000mg/mL; 137.0mM)
Na2HPO4•12H2O (3850mg/mL; 10.0mM)
Catalog No.523023
Unit Size 500mL
Product CategoryCell Culture Reagent
Storage/Stability 2 ~ 8°C/2 years
Shipping Ambient

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