Blood-DIRECT PCR Kit contains all the reagents needed for quick sample preparation and direct amplification of genomic DNA from blood. No complicated DNA purification steps needed. The PCR product can be directly loaded onto agarose gel without addition of loading dye for visualization of the experimental results.

• Quick: DNA ready in 15 minutes
• Easy: using pre-optimized 2x PCR mix
• Specificity: little or no background
• Sensitivity: work with small amount of DNA

Kit Components:
1. 2x Direct-PCR Mix
2. DNA Prep Solution
Catalog No.500002
Unit Size 100 preps
Product CategoryDirect PCR
Application Quantitative PCR; Genotyping; Mutation detection; DNA sequencing and cloning; Can be easily adapted to high throughput system
Storage/Stability -20°C/1 year
Shipping Gel Packs

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